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What a great website ! I actually want to see how you are going to improve it, soon;-)


Great insight!


Hi Sharon 

Enjoyed reading your web-site 

Yvonne xx

Colin O 

I have had a look through your site and feel very good when looking at certain parts of it. I know i have a Guardian angel but still feel afraid to use them. I hope to have a reading soon to ease the worries i have. Very good site and helps me every time i look through it.

Danilsa Figueroa 

I also believe in angels & that their wishes do come true. I love your web site.





I am fairy new to this, i knew i needed guidance and help but never really thought of asking angels, reading parts of your website it's lovely to know i am not going mad but assured that the experiences i have had since trying to connect with angels are very real.


Thank you for the assurance :0)


Kindest regards


Claire x


Hi Sharon. Im 17 and I have seen and felt my angel several times. I think its a male...I dont know why...but he seems to have fun with me! My angel has a sense of humour...sort of to match me in a way.  
I find myself laughing because the tea spilt on me when I didnt even touch the mug and when I lent over to get something off my desk which is right next to my bed, I feel a push and get pushed of the bed and onto the floor entirely. Im like "yep, thats hilarious. Are you going to be nice?" And I can just hear him giggling inside of me. He is a lot of fun!
I just feel him all the time, just this overwhelming sense of love and warmth, I often feel a rush of air and tickles down my back and I have seen too many feathers to count! I just think your site is wonderful and something that I can relate to very much so.
Id just thought Id share my experiences of my angel who thinks he's so funny.

Amethyst Angel 

Hi Sharon,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and advice, your encouragement has helped me so much.
Because of your advice I'm now a lot closer to my Angels and able to recognize communications and signs from them that I would have missed a few months ago.
love & hugs,
(from IOS)

Mary Murphy  

Hi Sharon,
Just a note to wish you well and hope to see you back on IOS soon.

love and Hugs,
Mary xx


Hi Sharon,

This is just to say a big thankyou for the reading you gave me in Oct 2008.  I don't know what I was really expecting from the medium reading, but what came through was amazing and unexpected.  You were in contact with my mum and described the circumstances of her final hours with such accuracy that I couldn't doubt it was her.  During the reading you told me that she said (amongst other things) that I had sent her a birthday card after she died - something I had forgotten I'd done, but I did do it!
What was more astonishing is that a man came through in the reading also; at the time you said you felt he was my grandfather but weren't sure, and I couldn't connect with what you were saying about him, it just didn't fit.  But then later, I was thinking about it and I suddenly realised who it was - there were so many obvious details, I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of him, but it was a man who was close in age to my grandfather, a close family friend, and just about the only adult in my life at the time who I felt showed and had genuine warmth towards me, someone who was happy for me to be who I was, and who was always so kind to me.  When the penny dropped that it was him, I was so incredibly touched that he had come through for me, and it was such a huge comfort to know that he is there and around me, it's made such a difference to me and fills me with warmth.
I found you warm, kind and down-to-earth during the reading, as well as being wow-ed by the details you were picking up.
So I just wanted to say thank you    and I will definitely contact you for another reading.

With love to you,  debbie xxx
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