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Hi Sharon,
I've just spent a while on your site. I love angels and your words about angels and the fullfillment they can bring are truely inspiring! I'm really worried about an issue I have at work I've been calling on my angels all weekend to help and support me and have just followed your suggestion of writing down my wishes. I wonder if you too could say a few words to the angels for me too as I am not as attunned to them as you - even though I know they are with me always. One day i hope to be as attuned as you. Thankyou again
Love Louise x  

AngelTeacher (USA) 


Hello Sharon,
Your website is lovely!  I will be contacting you soon for a reading.

Keep up the great work.  Many blessings to you.


Hi AngelTeacher, thank you, I look forward to speaking to you. Love light and angel blessings Sharon May


hi sharon i have seen a angel. not only did it visit me but my daughter as well. i was woken up by him in the middle of the night on the 18.7.07. he was amazing. tall and blue.

i never expected to see one but they are there. so keep up the good work cos not enough of us believe and only few have seen but they come when you most need them. x
Hi Natasha, How lovely that you saw your angel and that you felt that he guided and protected you when you most needed him. You only have to ask them and they will help you whenever they can.  Love light and angel blessings Sharon May


I came across your website by chance and am glad i did.My life at the moment is a bit of a mess as members of my family are coping with various troubles.

but i feel at the moment very peaceful and contented.I believe my angels are giving me the comfort i need to cope with this.

Today i lost my temper and fealt bad about it i will ask my angels to make tomorrow a better day and thank them for leading me to this website.When i was a child i could see things and can still see auras i am gratefull for this gift and would like to learn to use it so i will continue to read your site.thank you angels

Hello Manet, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, but glad to hear that you feel that the angels are helping you.  Try to stay positive and ask the angels for help.  There are a few tips on my website about angel communications, have a look and try some of them out.  Love light and angel blessings. Sharon May.

Tracy Hudson 


Greeting everyone just to Say Sharon has helped me in many ways for me to know that i done everything i can to realise that Michael is my Guardian Angel whom I absolutley love to bits..that what my poems been about and sketches to cos i see him around me on several occasions and felt he lifted me on the wings of love and feel his presence near all the time now esp after my major operation in March so thanks Sharon xx love and Angelic blessings Tracy

Hi Tracy, I'm so glad that you have found comfort in Archangel Michael and the other angels.  Keep up the good work with your sketches and poems. Love light and angel blessings Sharon May

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barry williams 

hi sharon what a wonderfull sight me and my wife are regulars at differant churches all over wales.

barry / pat williams love and light

Thank you both for your comments about the site, I'm glad that you find it informative and useful. Love light and angel blessings Sharon May



Hi Sharon I have enjoyed your site so much.
My Mother passed over 3 years ago.
My Father 13yrs ago.
My Grandmother when I was 17yrs old,very close to her and she appeared to me in a Dream, 15 yrs after her passing.
What she told me put my mind at ease.
It has been very comforting reading the comments people have made.

Hello Ernie, thank you for your comments about the website and that you have found comfort in reading the comments here.  I'm sorry to hear of your losses and I know that you must miss their physical being.  But I hope that it is a comfort to you to know that they are in the spirit world and that world is never very far from us all.  love light and angel blessings Sharon May



Hi Sharon
your website is very interesting we lost our dearest pet this week and i wanted to read up on the spirit of the pet world we miss her so much she was like a daughter to us and we are grieving badly.
your site as give me hope that she will return and be with us again.
she passed away at home so her spirit remains here with us. keep up the good you do for all that seek there loved ones.

Hello Shelly, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.  I believe that our pets are looked after just as our loved ones are in the world of spirit.  So please take heart that she will be looked after.  I believe that there are memorial sites for pets, maybe you would like to visit one and put your loving thoughts on one of their pages.  love light and angel blessings, Sharon



Hi Sharon~Re your newsletter and big changes coming in 2008.
I'm hoping my story will maybe bring some comfort & hope to someone else.
In February 2006, aged just 35, my wonderful son died a slow horrendous death from vaccine damage as a result of the vaccines & tabs our troops were ordered to have before being sent to the 1990-1991 Gulf War. As a mum having to watch her once proud battle fit soldier son slowly turn into a helpless bedridden skeleton on a life support machine, literally ripped the heart and soul out of me. I felt that life had no meaning anymore, and that I was just marking time until I went back home to the spirit world.
Although time hasn't so much healed, it has dulled the edges, and with Justin's love, strength, help and guidance from the spirit world, both through his chosen medium and direct to me I have learned to smile again. 
Much to my surprise, in February 2008, I had the urge to go and buy some artists pastels etc, and am now doing psychic art, and have amazed myself at the results I'm getting, because under normal conditions I definitely do not have any ability when it comes to drawing.
Also please tell anyone who finds themselves in that dark place that the sun does shine again...It takes time, but the sun will shine again.
Love & Light 
Wendy xx   


Hello Wendy, thank you so much for sharing your story with us, I'm sure that it will give much hope to many people and that they will see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Love light and angel blessings Sharon.

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